Save Energy by Adding Shade!

Insulated Patio Covers is Money Well Spent by • Acadiana Patios & Construction

Insulated Patio Covers are the “Best Bang for the Buck”!

When it comes to the Comfort and Aesthetics of Patio Covers the Insulated Patio Cover outperforms the Standard Patio Covers by a mile.

In a climate that can get to 100 degrees for extended periods in the summertime. Insulated Patio Covers can keep you 15 degrees cooler. Not only are Insulated Patio Cover’s Stronger. Besides, they support Fans and Lights via a hidden “Raceway” inside the Panel. Also, Raceway’s incorporate extruded gutters which will allow for proper drainage.

A variety of Column choices are available. From the standard 3″ fluted aluminum Column to the 6″ and 8″ Cypress Column. The Columns only enhance the look and feel of any Insulated Patio Cover. Thus, they are available in 3″, 4″ and 6″ thickness for any application needed. Additional features & Benefits to come.

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Author: Thad Theall

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