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Insulated Patio Covers

The Strongest & Coolest Patio Roof System on the Market

Acadiana Patios & Construction is proud to offer Lafayette, Louisiana, and Acadiana… The sturdiest made & most attractive “Gold StandardInsulated Patio Covers on the market.

In the 100 degrees plus heat of a Louisiana summer… The temperature beneath our Insulated Patio Covers can be up to 15 to 20 degree’s cooler… Then under a non-insulated cover.

Besides, hidden within the panels of our Insulated Patio Covers… Are raceways to provide power to Surface-Mounted, Exterior-Rated Ceiling Fans (of your choice). And, Outdoor-Rated Lighting.

This innovative “Gold StandardInsulated Patio Cover or Roof System can be built as a stand-alone Patio Cover… or can serve as the roof system for our “AtchafalayaScreen Enclosure or “AcadianaSunroom.

Built to code! Our exclusive “Gold StandardInsulated Patio Cover… in most new settlements that need matching shingle or roof tiles. thus satisfying most covenants required by neighborhood boards.

As a leader in the sales & installation of Insulated Patio Covers… and Sunrooms in South Louisiana.
Acadiana Patios & Construction invites you to improve your Patio with an in-home demonstration… and FREE Design Consultation and FREE Estimate.

Our products are the absolute best way to improve your backyard outdoor experience. So escape into comfort and savor the seasons.
Only Acadiana Patios & Construction offers the “Gold Standard” line of Patio Products. Contact Us today and start enjoying the outdoors!

Many of Acadiana Patios’ Insulated Patio Cover Roof systems can be seen in our Sunrooms Page as All of our Rooms have Insulated Roof Systems!

Insulated Roof Systems come in 3″ & 4″ thicknesses and are available with wood roof decking for accepting shingle applications to match any existing home shingled roof!

Bring your backyard back to life with a beautiful Insulated Patio Cover.


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Photo Gallery of Insulated Patio Covers