Patio Cover (Cleaning Tips)

Patio Covers & Carport Gutters Cleaning Tips by • Acadiana Patios & Construction

In a harsh environment like that of South Louisiana, therefore it is imperative that Cleaning the surfaces of Aluminum & Steel Patio Covers. Thus Mildew and Dirt are the main culprits. These culprits can discolor and even permanently stain the surfaces of your Patio Cover or Carport if left unclean. So, you should consider Cleaning your Patio Cover or Carport Gutters on a regular basis; because this will keep the water flowing off the cover and prevent backups and potential leaks.

Here are a few tips on Cleaning your Patio Cover. For Example, fill a bucket with a fifty/fifty solution of Water and Bleach (if you are sensitive to bleach, using a mild liquid soap will suffice). Using a soft bristle brush (car wash brush) merely scrub the surface until Clean!

Caution! Hard bristle brushes tend to scratch the finish. Now, once the surface is thoroughly brushed; rinse with a garden hose. However, if the stains should persist; leave Bleach solution on the surface for another 15 to 20 minutes; then rinse. Dry with a Blower for best results. Also, use caution when using a pressure washer. Pressure can remove the paint if aimed too close to the surface. We Recommend Cleaning your Patio Cover or Carport yearly.

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