When It Comes to Patio Improvements there is no other company more Qualified or Experienced than Acadiana Patios. And, of noteworthy is our Proven Track Record of Excellence for over 30 years of both Sales and Installations of Flat Panel Patio Covers.

With an open gutter system, a Flat Panel Patio Cover lends its self to easy cleaning! Above all gutters need to be cleaned on a regular basis! Consequently, cleaning your gutters will prevent Rainwater “Backups”. These “Backups” can create what is called “Oil-Canning” or “Waviness” to the panels. Hence they can cause separation of the Locked Seams and cause a possible collapse!

Customers have a choice of five (5) Colors and two (2) Finishes. For this reason, they are not only attractive but functional. Furthermore, with the Baked-On-Enamel Finish, they are both durable and resists fading.

Finally, the Support Columns are available in Aluminum or Cypress (in a variety of sizes). Buyers should beware that Support Columns should be anchored to an existing patio concrete slab. Anchors are designed to expand in these pre-drilled holes for strength. With the Support Columns correctly anchored; they should withstand Wind-Loads that may typically surpass 135 mph. Noteworthy is that properly anchored Support Columns are mandated by most City and State Codes when the spans are adhered to.

In my next blog, I will touch on even more Features and Benefits of the Flat Pan Patio Cover. So, Stay Tuned for more from Acadiana Patios!