Back 1985 When Acadiana Patios was in its infancy there were a variety of Patio Covers to choose. The “W” Pan (as it was called back then) was the staple in the industry! It was very sturdy and could withstand 110 mph plus winds. There were grooves scored on the surface to add strength. The major drawback, however, was the closed Gutter System. This closed Gutter System made cleaning leaves very difficult if not impossible. All and all it was Functional and did the job.

Around the mid-1990’s I came across a panel that would change the course of the Patio Cover business in Acadiana. I discovered a “Flat Panel” that was able to fit the closed Gutter System making it a little easier to clean. It looked better than the “W” pan, but the design was still flawed. Low and behold I found a company distributing an “Open Gutter System” which was a game changer. The newer design was much more functional due to the ease of the Gutter Cleaning.

Besides the Shade, a Patio Covers provides it also has to route water off the roof. The Flat Panel is both Beautiful & Functional.