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Screened Enclosures

Enjoy a “Breezy” Screened Enclosures, Custom Built to Fit Your Home

The “BreezyRoom offers as much ventilation as a non-enclosed patio with the comfort of a Screened Enclosure that eliminates insects. Lightweight and durable, the “BreezyRoom’s wall is constructed of a bottom kick plate that is insulated for the first two feet. The rest of it is screened to complete the wall system. Its all-aluminum framing utilizes a baked-on enamel finish to give you years of maintenance-free use.

BreezyRooms are available in a variety of colors sure to match your home. Acadiana Patios & Construction, backed by over 30 years of sales and installation experience, in the Lafayette Louisiana and Acadiana Area will ensure that your “BreezyScreened Enclosure will be built right the first time. Available with an Insulated Roof or a Smooth Flat-Panel Patio Cover Roof for your comfort. So sit back and enjoy the “Breeze“!

Escape the Mosquitoes, Love Bugs, June Bugs, Not to mention Flies

With the “Breezy” Screened Enclosure your back Patio will be used more often. The comfort of being outside will never be the same again. Just think BBQ’s and Outdoor Parties will offer you an escape from those pesky bugs and in Lafayette Louisiana, there ain’t no escaping them.
Wow outdoors with no Bugs! You deserve to use your Patio more often. So Give You and your family a break from not being able to enjoy that BBQ or party when the sun goes down with the “Breezy” Screened Enclosure today.

Bring your backyard back to life with a beautiful Screened Enclosures.

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Photo Gallery of Screened Enclosures